Working Girl

I had a job interview today! I was slightly worried about what I should wear because it is in the fashion industry. I contemplated dressing up or looking more casual. I decided to go with a classic but casual look.

In this outfit I sported a new blazer from my new favorite brand Topshop. This blazer is a great investment because you can get multiple looks from it. I am also planning on wearing this with a black pencil skirt at the State DECA competition.


Along with this outfit, I am wearing my favorite jeans that I have worn before from the brand New York and Company (THEY COME IN TALL!!).  I also am wearing these super comfortable boots that I bring out in the winter. I got them in Chicago at Timberland. This is a similar style as they don’t make this exact boot anymore, but these are still super cute!


The shirt that I am wearing underneath the blazer is also a new find as well. I got this at Nordstrom the other day! You can do a lot of different colors under a grey/black colored blazer but I choose this mahogany colored blouse. To accent this simple shirt I wore a beautiful necklace from J. Crew. I pulled this out of my jewelry inventory, as it is a couple years old, but I am sure you can find something similar in your jewelry box as well. IMG_9995

Good luck on your next job interview! This outfit led me to success at Bliss Bridal in Brookfield! Come see me to find your perfect prom gown!IMG_9982





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