Sun-Kissed Skin

WOW! What a whirlwind of a trip. We just got back from our spring break vacation to the British Virgin Islands on Sunday at 3:00 am. I am so excited to share with you my most favorite vacation ever. I will go through our days as well as what swimsuits and outfits I wore.

Before we left: I was really worried about what to pack for this vacation. We were going to be living on a sailboat for a week straight so I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed, so I basically brought everything… Not going to make that mistake again! This is all you will need clothing wise for a trip to the British Virgin Islands.

7 Swimsuits, 3 or 4 Coverups, 1 dress for every night you’re there, 2 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 pair of neutral colored flip flops, and pajamas.

Day 1: We flew from Chicago to Miami, and then Miami to St. Thomas. We then hopped on a ferry to Nanny Cay, Tortola. It come downs to 20 hours of travel. But it was so worth it. We stayed the night at Nanny Cay Resort on Friday night, and prepared for the next morning to get on the sailboat. Outfit: I went the casual route for this travel outfit as I knew we would be traveling thousands of miles. I threw on this Free People top and some black leggings. To make my outfit a little more fun, I also threw on a fun cheetah print sunhat.


Day 2: The day finally arrived! The seven of us boarded the Lagoon 440 Catamaran named Fly Away. It was windier than normal and we all had butterflies in our stomach of what was to come. But after we had a briefing of the boat, we set sail. Within the first 30 minutes of our sailing adventure we already had a situation on our hands. The dinghy that hung from the back of the boat, broke off and flipped upside down and we were dragging it… But thankfully Captain Bill (my dad) and our two deckhands (Connor and Brady) were able to rescue the dinghy and the gas can that had floated a mile back. We had to take a pit stop at a local bay so that Horizon Yacht Charters could come replace the engine! We were so thankful that they came and helped. We then got to our first stop for the night, Road Town, Tortola and anchored there. We make cocktails and blew up some floaties and enjoyed our first sunset. Outfit: I just wore this amazing swimsuit from Athleta with a coverup from Subtle Luxury. Nothing else was needed.

Days 3&4: Day 3 was Easter! We sailed to the BEAUTIFUL Bitter End Yacht Club. You will never see water as gorgeous as the BEYC. We stayed here for two days. On Easter Sunday we hung out on the boat and started getting used to our new surroundings. The boys used their skim boards they bought at Nanny Cay, and there were some Sea Turtle sightings. Some choose to go snorkling while others stayed on the boat and read some books. The boys were also very active and sailed a C420 for an hour. This was all at Virgin Gorda. Sunny & warm weather. Dinner was in the clubhouse – we all got dressed up. Lunch at Saba Rock the next day & all group snorkel. Outfits: I guess you might need a nice dress if you plan on going to nicer places, but the dress I wore on Easter was from my favorite store Faye’s. The swimsuits I wore were from a European company (of which I can’t recall at the moment) and this super unique Mara Hoffman swimsuit. All of Mara Hoffman’s suits are super cool and perfect for the Caribbean.


Days 4-6 were spent exploring the rustic landscape of the BVI. Hiking to bubbling pools, swimming & snorkeling along coral reefs & eating & dancing at beachside hideaways only accessible by boat – all were fabulous. Jost Van Dyke and the north side of Tortola are full of these gems! Our group had two favorite dining spots – Soggy Dollar & Foxy’s – if you get a chance to visit JVD – make sure you go! Foxys makes a delicious Lime in a Coconut drink! Again all I wore were swimsuits and cute sun dresses. My new favorite spot to find sundresses is a boutique in Delafield called Element Style.

Day 7 – As the end of our time aboard Fly Way was coming to a close, we were all disappointed by rain in the forecast. A little rain however, could not dampen our spirits. Some of the best snorkeling of the week was found just off of Norman Island & even though it was cloudy & rainy, the colors of the fish, coral & creatures were as vibrant as if the sun was shining. The unexpected finale on this day was one of the highlights of our trip! We were invited aboard the majestic Harle mega yacht for a cocktail party! We met the guests earlier in the day & we’re thrilled to mix & mingle with them on this beautiful vessel. (The crew were just as welcoming!) The swimsuit I have on in this picture I got at one of the islands! It is my new favorite swimsuit. The brand is Body Glove

This was an amazing trip and I am forever grateful to my parents for taking me on this once in a lifetime trip.


If you have any questions or want to talk about the trip, email me ( or leave a comment in the area below. I also talk more about this trip in my other blog post, Seniors at Sea.

xo, Molly

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