Prom 2016

The perfect finish to the perfect year.  I had high expectations for my one & only Prom, and I have to say, my expectations were exceeded! It’s sad to think Prom 2016 is over and that my high school years are coming to a close, but this was one event I had to share with you!

The day started out sunny and warm, and turned into an exceptional day in Wisconsin!  My first task of the day was to pick up the boutonniere for my date!  After that, it was all about getting ready.  Hair, makeup, jewels, etc – everything a girl could want!


The next step in the process was getting my hair done. I got my beautiful hair done at Chris and Co in Delafield. I didn’t want to have ringlets curls, and these curls fell later in the day and turned out to be the most beautiful loose curls. 


The next step in the beautification process was makeup. By far my favorite part. It is so relaxing. We had our makeup done by one of my makeup artists that I’ve gotten to know. Her name is Kate and if you would like her information, and you are from SE WI, just fill out my email notification form and mention you would like her number in the comment section! I had some girlfriends over for makeup and here is a before and after of Alaina 🙂

Even though makeup isn’t required in your everyday routine, it’s fun to get glammed up for a special occasion like, Prom!

After makeup, it was time to put the dress on…

IMG_0232 (2)

I felt so beautiful in this Sherri Hill dress. This style number is 50359. This dress was made for girls that are 6 feet tall. I didn’t have to get it altered what-so-ever. There was even a small train, that just made the dress even more perfect. IMG_0243 (2)

After we got some pictures at my house, we went over to the lake to take group pictures. We took a lot of different poses, and these are some of my favorites. We also decided to do bouquets instead of corsages. It was a super cool switch-up and I highly recommend doing it. 


After these pictures my date (Ben) and I went to the football field as he is a football player! These pictures were super fun and will be remembered forever. 

We then made our way to the dance, and saw some of my great friends! They all looked wonderful as well!

This past weekend was one that I will not forget. I had an amazing time with Ben and made a lot of good memories. Of course the after party was just as fun.

If you have any questions about my time at Prom or where anyone got their dresses just let me know or comment below!!

I hope you all have a wonderful time at your prom as well.

xo, Molly

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