Friends Forever

Today my friend, Lizzy and I, went to Downtown MKE because we had the day off of school! We spent the afternoon shopping and looking at the cute shops. It was nice to have a day off of school and use it for personal shopping time! I got some really cute things, Milwaukee is always a great shopping destination.

While we were down there we stopped to take some pictures where I took my senior pictures almost a year ago– it is crazy to think about how time goes so fast. There are some great spots to take senior pictures down there, any alley or brick wall will do!

Lizzy wore simple white jeans, which you can find at any cute boutique! She pair it with a jean shirt from J. Crew, and a Ralph Lauren Cross body. Of course you should match gold jewelry with this look, and she did exactly that! Gold Kate Spade watch and earrings, with some extra bangles. If you have any questions about where she got any of her items, make sure to comment below!

Today I choose to wear my new shirt (which is supposed to be a dress)! Being tall it is always hard to find dresses that are long enough, so when I find one that isn’t quite that long, I just throw on some jeans or these army colored jeans from Madewell. The shirt is from a cute boutique near me called Element Style. If you have any specific questions on where I got any of my items, just let me know!! There were too many items to link!

We had a great time walking around downtown. There are definitely some great shops to stop at down there- Broadway PaperRestoration Hardware Outlet, and Free Bird. Of course there are the classics down there too like Anthro, Lulu, and the Milwaukee Public Market. Sometimes it’s nice to reconnect with some that you haven’t talked to in a while and shopping is the perfect way to do that!

xo, Molly

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