10 Summer Essentials

With summer right around the corner, 28 days to be exact, it is time to start preparing for Summer 2016.

In this post I am going to let you know what I think the most important items are for this summer. These items range from nail polish to shoes! In no particular order…

1. Long Sleeve Blouse. Something fabulous to keep you warm on cool summer nights. Let’s face it, some of the best moments of summer happen at night, like festivals and parties, and you don’t want to miss out because you’re cold!


2. Nail Polish. You can go one of two routes here… You can do the classy basics like nude or French polish, or something that I like doing, is going for that bright orange or preppy pink that is only right for summer. Keeping your mani & pedi fresh is important girls!

3. Lilly Pulitzer Cups. To keep your water, lemonade or iced tea fashionable of course!

4. Sun Protection. This includes sunscreen of at least SPF 30 (Neutrogena all the way!), Sunglasses, and of course, a must have for all preps, a Vineyard Vines baseball cap. You’ve all seen me wear my favorite Ray Ban’s but I have a few reserved just for summer (and sailing season!).  These are polarized so I have the best view on the water. Check out Kaenon for some great sporty selections. I know we all like a little tan in the summer, but let’s be smart and protect ourselves.

5. Vineyard Vines Dress. You really can get through summer with just one great dress! It can be worn to grad parties as well as fun nights at the yacht club, dinner with friends or a family brunch! I have a perfect dress for these occasions from Vineyard Vines that I got last year. Not too long, not too short, the polo style is just right! I have this dress on in my Seniors at Sea post – check it out!

6. Patterned Preppy Shorts. Need I say more?  Pick your favorite and you are good to go from day to night.


7. Mix & Match Bracelets. Wear them all at once. Wear one at a time. Stack ’em and go. A few of my fav’s are from KJP, but also have some that I’ve collected on trips, from my mom’s jewelry box and from the mall.  Go with what you like – no rules here!


8. Bikinis, Bikinis, Bikinis.  In the North, we wait all year to bring out our swim suits.  I can’t seem to get enough and just had to rearrange my drawers to fit in a few new ones!  From Target to Resort shops – now’s the time to shop for these essentials!

9. Sperry’s & Sandals. (& converse & New Balance & flip flops).  What girl doesn’t love shoes?  Spruce up or freshen up your summer favorites to show off your bright pedicure!


10. Favorite T-Shirt. Wear it with your patterned shorts.  Wear it with leggings to a bonfire. Wear it as jammies. Wear it over your bikini.  Endless possibilities. You can see my favorite pink T in the cover shot – a souvenir from a great little bar in the BVIs…

I know I said this was my top 10 summer essentials, but I do have a number 11.  My last summer essential is Friends.  I can’t wait to spend this summer before college celebrating with my friends at graduation parties, regattas and festivals.  Milwaukee is a city that has festivals all summer long –  my favorite is Summerfest! (Can’t wait to meet my UK roommates when they come up for a few days to experience what my town has to offer!)

Don’t forget to shop The Lucky Knot for some of these great finds!

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