Busy Summer

Long summer days & even longer summer nights are here! I’ve been having a blast sailing & hanging on the lake, being with friends & getting ready for college. I also absolutely loving coaching & teaching my sailing kids everyday – they truly are a great group of young sailors. In the past eight months I’ve tried to eat healthy as much as possible. I’m not going to lie, its sometimes hard in the summer when sweet treats, barbecues & late night snacks are so tempting! I’ve decided to share a couple of my favorites here with you to tempt your tastebuds – these would be great to start with, and then you can modify to your liking, schedule & season.

I start my day with a few options:

An egg based breakfast – either scrambled with sautéed spinach & a sprinkle of cheddar cheese or in a sandwich or burrito form. I tend to go in spurts – right now I like to toast an English muffin & top it with egg, cheese & a slice (or two!) of turkey bacon. These are easy, healthy & tasty option to jump start your morning. A small glass of juice & a bottle of water are also a must for me! Check out this great new Brita water bottle I found – refreshing water right from the tap, no matter where you are! On days when I don’t have as much time, I like to make a quick yogurt parfait – 100 calorie Greek yogurt topped with just a handful of granola & seasonal berries is delicious!

Brita Water Bottle

For lunch I try to eat salad when possible. My current favorite is this roasted beet salad. Field greens, beets, goat cheese & walnuts topped with a Dijon vinaigrette is so, so good! I also love chicken Caesar salad, strawberry spinach salad & a yummy salad with greens, Swiss cheese, apples, cashews & poppy seed dressing. Find your favorite ingredients & make one you like – let me know your favs in the comment section!


Dinner is always an easy time to cheat – seems like burgers are always an easy go to, but I’ve tried to limit those to special occasions. Here’s one of my favorites – petite filet with grilled vegetables. Make it chicken one night, grilled shrimp another & you’ve got great variety & flavors. Another of my top dinner choices is cedar grilled salmon – with spinach & rice. (Do you sense my go to veggie – spinach!) so good & so good for you!


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy occasional brownies, ice cream or a serving of nachos just like everyone – but I’m trying to eat well most of the time! I hope these have inspired you to try something new too!

Stay tuned for my next post – it might just feature some of my favorite preppy boys

xo, Molly

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