Cats by 90!

Happy Caturday!

I grew up in Wisconsin where cheering on our local sports teams was a major favorite fall activity… On Friday we cheered on our high school football team while wearing our school colors or theme gear (go AHS!). Then state turned red on Saturdays when everyone changed into Badger gear – red & white striped overalls, Bucky on our shirts & red solo cups in hand. Sunday, well, can you say green & gold?? Cheering on the Packers brings on a new level of fan support!! Wigs, body paint, tailgating for days – it’s all part of the Wisconsin (and Midwest) culture.

Then I moved to the South. Attending a school with a team that plays in the SEC is a whole new world. I was super excited to check out what all the hype was about – and it did not disappoint! Girls really do dress up for football games! I’ve never seen more blue in one place! Sororities & Fraternities definitely show their team spirit! My friends & I spent the week before the first game shopping for the very best blue dress we could find. Take a look at some of my favorites from today!

Wherever you are, whichever team you are supporting & whatever style you choose – have a great fall football season!!

Go Cats!



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