Dorm Room Decor- Sorority Style

When it comes to the college roommate lottery – I know won the grand jackpot! I’d like to think it was the first bit of good luck I had when I chose the University of Kentucky. These girls have become my world, my best friends  & my family away from home. We’re all different but when we’re together – it works perfectly!!

We met earlier than many arriving on campus- we were all here for sorority rush. We were all a bit apprehensive, but wow it could not have turned out better for us! Each of us looked for something slightly different in a sorority & we all ended up in our first choices – none of which were the same! I think it is super cool how we are all in different sororities but are still each others go to and best friend.

We are all initiated now, which is super cool, so we all got canvases and t-shirts from our big sisters! We just finished hanging each of our canvases, so what better thing to do than share with y’all. These are also great inspiration canvases if you are looking to make some for your sorority.

First we have Caroline’s room, she has the bright and bold look:


Right next door to Carol, is Jane’s artsy room:



Across the living room is Madalyn’s bohemian room:


And lastly my own sophisticated room:


We are all go grateful for our bigs and everything that they made for our rooms, without them they wouldn’t be the same!

Hope you found some inspiration within these canvases to go paint some of your own.

xo, Molly


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