Warby Parker Winter Collection 2016


Hellloooo all!

It has been such a whirlwind these past few months at college. From taking my first college exam, to rushing a sorority, to midterms, to friends, and then to finals, it has just been so much! But thankfully I have had some trusty (and fashionable!) glasses by my side that has been helping me get through those late night study sessions.


My favorite reading glasses by Warby Parker have been a life saver. I mean a real life saver!! My eyes tire quickly with all the reading & writing I have to do, and these glasses help keep me focused to get the job done. (Not to mention, their preppy style is perfect for me!) They are also great for my preppy boys too!


I just love the new eyeglass collection that is releasing this winter. Warby Parker says “This is your glimmering holiday adornment, a bevy of beauties that mix 1970s decadence with fairy-tale whimsy. The frames feature titanium editions of stylized silhouettes. Flash mirrored lenses and contrasting temple tips are the flourishes that take these frames from “head-turning” to “imminently collectible.” Well, I love flash mirrors, so COUNT ME IN!!

Their sunglasses are the perfect accessory for daytime, game time & vacation time so check those out too! I have to say they are my favorite!

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-12-51-06-pmNext time you’re shopping for glasses, make sure you take a peak at the frames by Warby Parker – take it from me, you will love them!

Next week I will be doing their AT HOME TRY ON, which I recommend y’all try. You get to choose five different frames that they offer and you get to keep them at your house for five days and decide which style best fits your face. It’s the best of both worlds really, you don’t have to leave your house to go try on different styles. I will show you the results of that next week after I get to do it myself. 🙂


But in the mean time make sure you check out Warby Parker online, or in a store near you! They also have some great gifts, some that I would love too ;), but order soon so that your package can be guaranteed by Christmas Eve.

These are my friend and I’s favorite glasses from this fall, that we rocked on campus!

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!

xo, Molly

P.S. Go Cats!


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