New Year, New Me…I hope!

Everyone says at the start of a New Year that they are going to make some grand life changes, they are going to work out, eat more healthy or lose weight etc, etc, etc. Well, yes I hope everyone does some things that are good for you in the upcoming year, but it doesn’t have to be something to the extreme. Lately, I have been thinking that the way to be the happiest in life is to change little aspects that are daily occurrences.  I am going to share some thoughts on what my “resolutions” are for 2017. Some of these might not be easy, but I’m really going to try…

  1. Rid myself of negative people. Friends/acquaintances that aren’t motivators or that don’t make you happy aren’t the best people to have in your life. It’s hard to be your best self when some “friends” notice only the negative, lie or don’t have a positive outlook on life. In 2017 I am really going to try to surround myself with friends who support me, care about me & love me, and I will do the same for them! (See previous F•R•I•E•N•D•S post!)
  2. Find something that makes you happy that you do every day! Something that I like to do every day is use essential oils. I use them for multiple purposes – stress relief (stress away), sleeping (lavender) and to get rid of headaches (peppermint). Even though it might not sound super fulfilling, using them makes me happy, and eventually healthier in the long run. Try thieves for overall health!
  3. Always remember actions speak louder than words. Watch how other people treat you, because they can be sending some underlying messages. If people want to be in your life, they will make an effort to, no matter what.
  4. Pick somewhere to volunteer by yourself! Having time alone is always good and a great time to destress and relax. I am hoping to walk service dogs in training on campus this semester!
  5. Take a break from social media. Every week I am going to try my hardest (we will see how it goes), but to not go on Insta, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat for a day or two and read a book instead. Trying to keep up with everyone/everything on social media can be so overwhelming!
  6. Now this next one is a tweet that my roommate sent me, but I think it is something that you should always remember and keep in the back of your head. It was a picture that said, “Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” I could not relate to this more! It is so true in my life. It has to do with relationships and even my height. Just be your best, truest self and hopefully everyone can see it:)
  7. Listen to what your mom has to say, you won’t regret it. She is very smart.
  8. Now I am telling myself this now, but I am going to blog more outfits!! Wahoo! But really this is a fashion website, and I’ll find and post more outfits that y’all want to see!
  9. Moral of all this is to be yourself! Be the best positive self that you can this year, and it will all work out in the end 🙂

Sweater from Nordstrom, only $20 right now!!


Jean shirt is FRAME, from Nordstrom.

I hope you all have a great 2017, and find a way that you can be true to yourself 🙂

xo, Molly


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