Last week in Lex

Much like this time last year, I was once again anticipating putting on a beautiful long gown and attending a dance with a cute date & my best friends. This time it wasn’t prom I was looking forward to, it was my sorority Formal! The preparations were similar to last year but the event was definitely different!

My friend & sorority sister Carly & I shopped for dresses a few weeks before Formal. We were looking for something sleek & pretty and hit the town of Lexington to find the perfect look. We all know it’s sometimes hard for me to find dresses because of the length issue… but luckily after looking at store after store, we came upon Bella Rose. It was awesome!! Literally hundreds of dresses up and downstairs. They didn’t only have formal dresses, but they also had Derby dresses and hats, which is super exciting.

Along with Formal, as you would expect, March Madness was a highlight of the last few weeks! The Wildcats played awesomely and made it all the way to the Elite 8! We had a great time watching (at Formal!) and celebrating their victory over UCLA. This campus really knows how to celebrate a win! Check this out from Friday night!! Unfortunately, the road ended for UK on Sunday but we had a great time cheering them on this season! I was super excited to see some of the players this week & wish them all huge congrats!

On a side note, college is going great and I absolutely love it! I have made such amazing friends, which I now consider my family.


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