As many of you probably know, because of the fact that I have a blog, that I LOVE photography. I just got an iPhone 7 Plus for my birthday last week and cannot stop taking pictures! In high school, I took some photography and editing classes and I loved it then, so I decided to declare my minor at UK to Digital Media and Design. My uncle is also a photographer, so I have always been inspired by him and thought that it was so cool. He now shoots photos for the Badgers, Packers, Bucks, etc., if you would like to check out his work click here!! Anyways, here is some of my photography, past, and present, that I wanted to share with y’all!

The last three sections of photos are from this past weekend in Owenton, KY. Some friends and I went camping on Jake’s property there, and it was a blast! We were all happy campers 🙂

This is just a start of what I am going to share! Hopefully, with more experience, I will be able to share more pictures with you all. I hope you enjoy! On the next blog, be prepared for a fashion OVERLOAD!



Comment if you have any questions!


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